Gourmet Marijuana Restaurant Opens In Colo.

A medical marijuana dispensary in Denver has decided to get creative and make the business into a full-service restaurant that caters to those who need to use medicinal marijuana to ease physical ailments. The owner of Ganja Gourmet said the restaurant will "aim to help distribute medicinal marijuana to those licensed to have it and provide an atmosphere where patients can visit with one another in a safe environment."...Source

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2 Responses to “Gourmet Marijuana Restaurant Opens In Colo.”

  1. Ummmm, I want to call and see if I can get a job there! lmao. But seriously, it seems like a lot of areas in Colorado have/are allowing more marijuana into the state slowly over time. There was even a town in CO recently that decriminalized marijuana AND paraphernalia!

  2. This should be something our local authorities here in CO should look out for.

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