Elephant Injured By Land Mine Gets Artificial Leg

Motola, a female elephant who stepped on a land mine 10 years ago and endured painful operations, was fitted Saturday in Thailand for a permanent artificial leg. The 48-year-old pachyderm became a symbol of the plight of today's elephants, and her injury sparked international sympathy and donations....Source

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3 Responses to “Elephant Injured By Land Mine Gets Artificial Leg”

  1. Thank God that there are caring people left in this world!!

  2. PLEASE make it so that these accidents can never happen again…Praise for the ELEPHANT!!!I’m only hoping he hasn’t suffered any mental damage from the accident, injuries, and surgeries after all these years… Please take GOOD CARE of him!!!!! This beautiful elephant is still here!!!! Thanks

  3. ooops sorry about that. might be the one i left there lurpin in ’69

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